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McDowell Senior High School and McDowell Intermediate High School are located in Millcreek Township, a predominately middle class suburban community with a population of 52,000.

McDowell Intermediate High School (grades 9 and 10) and McDowell Senior High School (grades 11 and 12) share a common campus. A block schedule is utilized at the high school level where students have four classes that meet daily for 80 minutes. This format allows teachers to vary methods of instruction and to provide students with time to develop an in-depth understanding of the skills and content of their courses.

Mentoring opportunities and a caring faculty support the transition from middle to high school. Our Advanced Placement courses provide both a high level of rigor, and a high success rate on AP exams. In addition, as they approach graduation, McDowell students have the opportunity to earn an Advanced Placement International Diploma, a globally recognized certificate for students with an international outlook, as well as an AP Capstone
Diploma. We continue to expand opportunities for the senior year including off campus experiences with increasing participation in dual enrollment college offerings, job shadowing, co-op employment, and internships.

McDowell High School offers nearly 250 different courses. Some academic opportunities include: the Distinctive Scholars program, a rigorous honors program, a dual enrollment program with four local universities, a variety of Advanced Placement courses, career exploration and independent study opportunities, co-op employment
and internships, as well as the McDowell Manufacturing Academy to name a few. McDowell faculty integrates technology as a tool for research, creativity, and data analysis in all courses. McDowell High School is a 1:1 Chrome Book school working heavily with Google classroom. Twenty-first century academic skills are the focus of district and building goals.