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McDowell Virtual Learning Plan 2021-2022


McDowell Virtual Learning Plan 2021-2022 
Student Guidelines 

It is our hope that the 2021-2022 school year runs smoothly with minimal need for virtual learning days. However, we must be prepared with a plan to accommodate virtual learning when necessary. Below is the schedule that we will follow for these days as well as the expectations for students. 




1st block 


2nd block



check emails

contact teachers


3rd block

Eat lunch during specific class lunchtime


4th block

Student Expectations 
All virtual learning days count for student instructional days towards the 180 school day requirement. The following guidelines were developed to provide clear expectations for students on these days. 


  • Students are expected to log on to Google Classroom each day for each class to check for communication from their teachers, participate in lessons, and complete daily assignments. 

  • Student attendance will be taken based on their Google Classroom participation. Teachers will be monitoring the completion of student assignments. 

  • Students are expected to follow the schedule above and view pre-recorded lessons and/or participate in synchronous lessons and support sessions according to their schedule. Students are expected to put forth time and effort in assignment completion. Assignments should be submitted according to teacher deadlines. 

  • Students are expected to contact their teachers if they are having any issues. 

  • Students should check their school email several times a day: beginning of day, lunch time, and end of the day. Any emails sent to teachers or school personnel from students should come from a student's district email account. 

  • Students are expected to maintain the student code of conduct and academic integrity policies as outlined in the student handbook. 


Tips to be Successful on Virtual Learning Days 

✓ Establish a "virtual school day" routine. This includes setting an alarm, eating breakfast, and being prepared.

✓ Create an environment and work space conducive for learning that is away from TV, bed, and other distractions including cell phones.

✓ Check email frequently as outlined in the expectations above.

✓ Log-in to classes at the specified times according to the schedule above.

✓ Read directions thoroughly each day before beginning assigned work.

✓ Log into Infinite Campus daily to monitor grades and missing work.

✓ Reach out to teachers for extra help when needed.