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McDowell Honors College

The mission of the McDowell Honors College of Leadership and Service is to provide our most dedicated high-achieving students with a small learning community that provides a structure for superior academic performance, leadership experiences, and community service opportunities.


If you are a student who...

  • pursues rigorous and challenging coursework
  • is committed to physical and mental health
  • values school and community service

You are a PERFECT candidate for the McDowell Honors College!

SIX Reasons to Choose McDowell Honors College:

  1. Attract scholarship offers to prestigious post-secondary institutions
  2. Access to priority scheduling
  3. Receive special recognition on transcript and at graduation
  4. Experience Honors College as a School-Within-A-School
  5. Establish friendships with like-minded students who value education
  6. Promote personal growth through service to others

The foundation of the program is rooted in the Six Pillars of Character.

The pillars are:

✓ Trustworthiness

✓ Respect

✓ Responsibility

✓ Fairness

✓ Caring

✓ Citizenship

Applicants must demonstrate these traits through their involvement both in school and in the local community. Additionally, all applicants should demonstrate organizational skills and the ability to participate in class.

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